Internet Security Kaspersky Review: What Kind Of Protection This Top Antivirus Offers

Kaspersky Review

Being a leader on the antivirus software market, Kaspersky AVs surpass other counterparts thanks to the complex approach to the problem of devices protection. Year by year this antivirus shows top results in the tests, held by the unbiased resources, and there’s no sign of that the popularity or influence of Kaspersky products will decrease in the nearest time.

The laboratory offers four main types of the antimalware kits, and in this Kaspersky review we will be looking at the Internet Security services package.

Kaspersky Internet Security download will bring you such classical antivirus functions as a protection from the most recent malware samples, two-way firewall, VPN option (limited, yet, working perfectly), as well as a banner ad blocker and a browser protection for the convenient Internet surfing, a parental control for the caring moms and dads, and a system optimizer for system cleaning & boosting.

This AV option provides you with the reliable defense from all the possible dangers of the Internet. According to this Kaspersky review, when passing the efficiency tests Kaspersky Internet Security constantly detects nearly 100% from the thousands of “zero-day” viruses while loading your system quite delicately – for Windows 10 OS, running Kaspersky products decline performance on around 3-12%, depending on the version of the product you bought.

Yet, such a decrease might be sufficient for users, who are used to high pages loading speed, especially taking into account the results of the tests, where Kaspersky AV was actively scanning the system. In that case, the computer loses around 30% of its efficiency – too much for the product, which price starts at $80 per year for 3 devices, if you would ask us.

The Truth You Won’t Find In Any Kaspersky Antivirus Review

Not long ago the world was shaken by the news – Kaspersky laboratory was accused in spying on its clients. While company’s representatives were completely rejecting this indictment, United States government, accompanied by Great Britain and Lithuania, banned Kaspersky products from usage by the federal government. No evidence for such accusation was shown to the public, yet, the outcome of the conflict is demonstrative by itself.

Thus, if you’re extremely concerned about the security of your personal data, it might be a good decision to choose some less known, yet, equally effective antivirus – the possibility is quite enough when we’re talking about such sensitive topic as a data stealing.

However, it’s hard to deny – Kaspersky Internet Security provides a top-level defense, which only a few antimalware products can offer. And, all in all, it’s only your choice of whether to proceed withKaspersky Internet Security download or not.

We stand in full solidarity with the numerous Kaspersky reviews and conclude – political games can’t take Kaspersky’s status of the most advanced antivirus creator laboratory. And if the protection of your devices is your highest priority, then you won’t find a better candidate on a role of your personal protector.

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