Best Antivirus Software for Business in 2020

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Which Antivirus is Good for Business in 2020?

Each Internet user is vulnerable to hacker attacks. Malefactors can utilize any generic computer for their needs to get some profit. But when it comes to the machines that belong to businesses, hackers get even more excited because now they can play big. And if you think that your small company can’t attract cyber attackers, think again – 43% of attacks are still targeted at small businesses.

The reason for such sad statistics is quite apparent – owners of smaller firms tend to neglect the need of protection their corporate data trying to save some money or just thinking it is not necessary to have an antivirus. And hackers are very much aware of this tendency. Why would they try to get into the system of a large company that puts a lot of effort and money into protecting its data? It is much easier and more profitable to hack a small firm that lacks even the simplest antivirus or even a firewall.

But to decide to get an antivirus for your company is just half of the job. There are so many options, and most of them seem to be rather similar. So what to choose? Which antivirus will suit your business better? Let’s review the best providers.

Norton Antivirus

Norton for Business

Norton offers a solution for small businesses covering five, ten, or twenty devices by a single subscription depending on the account options you choose. The antivirus supports Windows OS, macOS, Android, and iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Linux. Norton Antivirus for businesses is designed to fulfill the needs of smaller companies, so it covers many vital details but lacks advanced features like protection for servers.

The software offers essential functions you can find in every good antivirus program. Here users will have several options for system checkup, some settings that allow tweaking the software a bit. But you shouldn’t be put off by the limited number of tools. Norton offers solid Endpoint protection, and the reliability of the antivirus is proven continuously by lab tests. This provider usually gets the highest scores possible getting tested in the lab.

Another great thing about Norton is that it is cloud-based. It means that each employee will get instructions via email that will explain step by step how to install the antivirus. Then, the whole antivirus system can be managed from one primary device. Such an approach ensures that the owner of the business has control over the situation, and employees will not jeopardize the corporate data.

The prices for Norton Small Business start at $99.99 per year for five devices. It goes up to $149.99/year for ten devices and reaches $249.99 per year for twenty devices.

Norton Advantages for Business

  • The solution is very cheap
  • Centralized management
  • Round the clock support
  • Lab proven protection

Norton disadvantages for Business

  • No protection for servers
  • A limited number of features

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

This provider also offers a solution tailored to the needs of a small business. The AVG antivirus comes in three variations. The first one is AVG File server that includes the antivirus itself and security for corporate servers. The Smart Scanner will check the computer when the employee is away. Also, it offers protection from ransomware and file shredder. For most small businesses, this set of functions will be quite enough.

If you need more, opt for the second variation – AVG AntiVirus that includes all the listed features plus link scanner, identity protection, and firewall. An online shield will prevent harmful downloads and other online threats. Also, there is protection for emails. The most advanced variation is called AVG Internet Security. It offers all the functions from the previous version with the addition of Email Server Security that will protect corporate email servers.

All versions offer remote administration and 24/7 access to the support team via phone calls and emails. AVG belongs to Avast, that’s why you won’t find complete lab tests for AVG. However, you can check the results Avast has and apply them to AVG since it is the same antivirus engine.

The prices start at $20.39 for one device per year for the simplest option. AVG AntiVirus will cost you $43.19 for one device/year, and for Internet Security suite you will have to pay $61.59 for one device/year.

AVG Advantages for Business

  • Offers reliable protection
  • Owned by Avast
  • Centralized management
  • Quite a wide set of features

AVG Disadvantages for Business

  • Requires many resources and can freeze on outdated devices
  • Doesn’t offer some advanced functions

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the most trusted antivirus providers because it exists for eternity. Its vast experience allows the provider to create a dependable and trustworthy product that can keep businesses safe from cyber threats. Kaspersky is built on the foolproof antivirus engine and always gets a perfect 100% score during lab tests. Also, it rarely has false positives, which is essential as well.

This antivirus can protect companies not just from malware, but from ransomware and spyware as well. Kaspersky is enhanced with cloud-assistance intelligence. Therefore, the antivirus has full access to the complete database of threats. However, it is not quite unusual – all the best antiviruses are cloud-based.

The antivirus comes in several options. The select version will protect corporate devices and servers. The Advanced suit adds encryption, patch and vulnerability management, and application control for servers to the basic protection. Kaspersky will work on any device. However, the mobile version is much worse than the desktop one.

The prices for Kaspersky antivirus start at $184.49 for five devices for one year for the Select suite, and at $577.49 for ten devices for one year for the Advanced version. The price increases accordingly to the number of devices you need to cover.

Kaspersky Advantages for Business

  • Reliable and trustworthy protection
  • Enhanced with cloud-based assistance
  • Can be controlled from a single console
  • Protects from all kinds of threats

Kaspersky Вisadvantages for Business

  • The mobile app requires significant improvements
  • The antivirus requires a lot of resources

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus

Avast is one of the most trusted and appreciated antivirus providers. Users love it for its simplicity and easy to use appealing interface. Of course, Avast offers solutions not only for general users but for businesses as well. However, you need only one look to see that the provider focuses on Windows mostly.

There are three versions of antivirus for Windows computers. The simplest one will provide users with standard protection from malware and viruses. Also, there is a firewall, web shield that will block hazardous websites, email protection, anti-spam, wi-fi inspector that will detect network vulnerabilities, phishing protection, and the backup feature. The Pro suite adds to the listed functions a data shredder. And the Pro Plus option gives access to the webcam shield, browser cleanup, and a password manager.

Even though it is said on the Avast website that the antivirus software can be installed on any OS, the provider also mentions that some functions may not work. If you go to the macOS section, you will see that there is only the Avast Pro version available. And for Linux, the provider offers an entirely separate product. So if you mostly have Windows-based computers in your office, you can stick to Avast. And if you need protection for servers, the provider offers dedicated products.

The prices start at $39.99 for one device per year for the simplest version. The Pro suite costs $49.99 for one device/year, and the Pro Plus version will cost you $59.99 for one device per year.

Avast Advantages for Business

  • Offers many advanced features
  • Affordable pricing
  • Protects Windows Servers
  • Enhanced with the advanced Endpoint protection

Avast Disadvantages for Business

  • The provider is mostly focused on Windows OS
  • Spam filter sometimes works incorrectly

Eset Antivirus

Eset Antivirus

ESET is a good yet undervalued antivirus. It shows a bit worse results in lab tests than Kaspersky and Avast. Still, it is a rather trustworthy antivirus that offers reliable protection. ESET has solutions for companies of different sizes: small, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. But since most of the products on the list are designed for the needs of a small business, we will review the options ESET has for such firms.

The first solution is called Endpoint Protection. It is basic yet reliable antivirus software that will safeguard your corporate devices regardless of the operating system they use. ESET is lightweight and will run smoothly without overloading even outdated hardware. It will protect devices from ransomware, exploits, and other advanced cyber threats. Endpoint Protection can also prevent network attacks.

Two other solutions are Two-Factor Authentication system that can protect the company from data leaks, and Endpoint Encryption Pro. The second software provides businesses with more security for files and emails. All the devices with this solution can be managed from a single console.

ESET Endpoint Protection will cost you $190 for five devices for one year if you choose the on-premise implementation. The price of the cloud-based solution is $206.50 for five devices for one year. The price for two-factor authentication starts at $349.50 for five devices/year, and the Endpoint Encryption solution costs $56.15 for one device per year.

Eset Advantages for Business

  • The provider offers advanced solutions for protection
  • The solutions are lightweight
  • The price for the antivirus is quite affordable
  • The interface is simple

Eset Disadvantages for Business

  • No 24/7 access to the support team
  • Options can be confusing for not tech-savvy people


We would recommend you Avast antivirus for businesses even though it is focused on Windows. Most companies use this operating system on corporate computers. But if you have Macs in your office, you can choose the Avast version for macOS.

Avast is lightweight, doesn’t slow down the system, and offers reliable protection along with tons of additional useful features. The price is quite affordable for the set of functions and safety you will get. Therefore, we think that Avast would be the best option for most businesses.

Do you use another antivirus for your corporate devices? Tell us about your experience in comments!

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