How to pick the best antivirus for Windows 10

Windows 10 Best Antivirus

It’s hard to find the computer that doesn’t have any protection software installed. Usually, when the operating system is being set up, some kind of antivirus program is getting installed as well. Sure, it may be not the best antivirus for Windows 10, but it is already something. Such basic antiviruses can give at least some protection for those users who don’t care much about the safety of their computer.

Sure, if you want to have more advanced and reliable protection, you will need to dive into a research. But to succeed in it you need to understand what are you looking for first. That’s why we will go through a list of features the good antivirus software should have.

Which features should antivirus for Windows 10 have?

The main goal of any Windows antivirus is to protect the system from malicious software. So the first thing that should be mentioned is a database. It is the most important part of any antivirus. The more extensive the database is, the better protection you will have. Because it contains all examples of the malicious software that exists at the specific moment. Knowing these examples the antivirus can detect the threat and eliminate it before it damages the system. The database should be updated constantly because new viruses are created every day.

The good antivirus should be able to detect malware not only during the scan of the system but also at the moment the virus reaches the computer. Say, you?re downloading something from the internet, and the file contains malware. The antivirus should alert you immediately and get rid of the virus.

If any malware is found during the scan and it has damaged some files or infected them as well, the antivirus software should be able to repair those files and heal them without deleting them. And of course, the app should monitor the system on the background all the time.

Also, talking about the best antivirus for Windows 7, it should be said that the best providers make their software compatible with most used operating systems. Including Windows 7, Linux, MacOS. And yes, Linux and MacOS need protection too.

Extra features the best antivirus Windows 10 should offer

Features that were listed above are pretty much basic. Sure, some apps can’t provide users with even that tiny amount of protection. But we are talking about the top antivirus for Windows 10 here. So let’s go through a list of some extra features the app should offer its users:

  • Built-in firewall. It is a vital feature that protects users from the threat while they are online.
  • Email protection. Needlessly to say how many threats are waiting for us in our emails. Phishing, spam, spyware – good antivirus should protect us from it.
  • Parental control. Letting our kids using the computer we should be sure that it won’t harm them.

Game mode. In this mode, the antivirus uses fewer resources still keeping your computer safe.

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