Best Antivirus Software for Windows in 2020

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Which Antivirus is Good for Windows in 2020

Unlike Linux, Windows OS cannot adequately protect itself from malicious applications with the help of its tools. So, it requires external protection. Especially, considering the last year news about mass breakings of social networks and online services, the popularity of hidden crypto-mining, a large number of critical weaknesses, and use of universal tools for the complex attacks.

Forecasts for 2019 in the field of information security highlight the growth of similar threats number. So, one cannot deny that protection of the computer, mobile devices, and essential data is a critical task for most users. As various labs demonstrate, reliable antivirus can help with this task. Most antivirus software provides complete solutions for Windows protection.

The market of antivirus software is saturated with products, offering services for fight against viruses and trojans. Each of them has pros and cons. Depending on requirements and opportunities, it is worth choosing the most suitable product for you.

We prepared a thorough review of five antivirus giants to help you to choose the best antivirus product. We hope to help you to decide which antivirus will guarantee the protection of your devices and data. We will describe the best antivirus for Windows, which provide reliable security and do not slow down the computer’s performance. Read our review to find the most appropriate solution for your Windows device.

TotalAV Antivirus

TotalAV antivirus for Windows

TotalAV is a rather new provider in the market of antivirus software. However, TotalAV outperforms its competitors and confidently moves to the top of the best antiviruses.

TotalAV Advantages for Windows

We like:

  • Decent protection in free version
  • Lightweight
  • Smartphone optimization tools
  • Low prices
  • Not overload your computer

The main advantage of TotalAV is that it guarantees an outstanding level of protection for free. It deals with various types of viruses, malicious apps, suspicious programs, and other threats effectively.

Free version detects malware efficiently and removes it. It can delete duplicates and boost device performance. The paid version provides more valuable possibilities — for example, a password manager, cleaner, and smartphone optimization tools.

Also, it is necessary to highlight the support of this company: it offers an incredibly low price with discount and 30-day money-back guarantee to make your experience risk-free.

TotalAV Disadvantages for Windows

We don’t like:

  • A limited set of functions
  • No web-protection
  • No lab tests results

At the same time, this antivirus software newbie has its drawbacks. First, it is a somewhat limited set of functions. Also, it deals only with those viruses it can detect in the device, but does not have some Internet security features. Last but not least, there are no enough lab tests to estimate TotalAV performance precisely.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows

Antivirus from Bitdefender takes the highest places in various tests for many years. This solution provides you with a full range of security functions, protection against threats and malicious applications, and at the same time does not slow down the computer.

Bitdefender Advantages for Windows

We like:

  • High scores in lab tests
  • Wide range security functions
  • High-level security even in the free version
  • A decent set of additional features for various needs
  • Fair pricing plans

Bitdefender has a decent free version, provides scanning and real-time protection, control of viruses, malware detection, and their neutralization. Additionally, it has anti-rootkit web protection, which makes this antivirus more valuable in the user’s eyes. All these features demand very few system resources during its work thanks to SmartScan technology.

Bitdefender Internet Security for Windows solves all problems of safety during work on the Internet. It provides protection against viruses, spies, spam, phishing attempts, invasions, and harmful web content. This product is a powerful, complex antivirus product for computer protection against malicious application and network attacks.

Bitdefender Disadvantages for Windows

We don’t like:

  • No parental control and personal firewall
  • Sometimes may mistreat licensed programs with malicious ones

Like any antivirus, Bitdefender has its disadvantages. For instance, during one test, Bitdefender mistreated some programs as malicious and regarded them as trojans. But it does not happen frequently. Overall, it is not such a critical disadvantage.

Also, Bitdefender lacks some features that can be useful in terms of protection. For instance, it provides the possibility to establish a security filter for child’s accounts, but there is no parental control option. It also misses the personal firewall too. Browser plug has to be set manually, instead of automatic installation.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows

Kaspersky is the first and only company with the Russian roots in our review. Kaspersky’s products won the love of many users. The pleasant, friendly interface, flexibility, and convenience of control put products of Kaspersky Lab on one of the first places in various ratings.

Kaspersky Advantages for Windows

We like:

  • The paid version provides the ultimate security
  • High-scores in the lab tests
  • Universal protection from various Internet threats
  • Enhanced cloud-based assistance

Kaspersky has solutions for every taste – from private computers to a large corporate network. Kaspersky Free is a free antivirus with a cloud computing of Kaspersky Security Network. The solution is equipped with file antivirus, web antivirus, VPN, protection against network attacks, and monitoring of activity.

Kaspersky Internet Security is an antivirus of Kaspersky for universal protection from all Internet threats. It includes control of programs, safe payments, and new opportunities: protection of data collection and the operating system changes control.

Within the last two years, the paid option of Kaspersky antivirus receives one of the first places in all tests, competing with Bitdefender. The last AV-check for Windows 10 also demonstrates the maximum points in detection, productivity, and usability.

Kaspersky Disadvantages for Windows

We don’t like:

  • Not lightweight
  • Can decrease performance
  • Free version may be useless

The main disadvantage of Kaspersky is its weight. The program is heavy enough and can slow down your computer. Moreover, the installation process is not very simple so that an inexperienced user can be puzzled a bit. Lastly, only the paid version provides high-level protection.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus for Windows

Avast keeps its position in the market of antivirus software for several years. This provider gained even more users’ love when it released a decent free version of antivirus, making it more available for the customers.

Avast Advantages for Windows

We like:

  • Decent free version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Game mode
  • High lab tests scores

If to consider the results of various lab tests, Avast Free Antivirus is very close to leaders of ratings of paid antiviruses for Windows. Apart from the standard protective function, the antivirus offers the built-in protective lock at the connection to open networks Wi-Fi and special passwords manager for saving personal data in a cloud. Also, there is a game mode which disconnects the program’s notifications and reduces the load of the processor during the game session.

Use of Avast Free Antivirus should not cause any difficulties for novice users. The interface is friendly and clear. Additional opportunities for the program is as follows:

  • Creation of an emergency disk
  • Browser extensions scanning — the most frequent reason that in the browser advertising and pop-up windows appear
  • Means of system optimization and cleaning, programs, and drivers updating.

During the installation, you can adjust what additional components of protection are necessary to you; perhaps, something from the list is not required.

Avast Disadvantages for Windows

We don’t like:

  • No firewall
  • Annoying advertising in free version
  • Heavy weight
  • Lack of protection against interception of the entered data.

Even such antivirus giant like Avast has disadvantages, which can be critical. For instance, the program is not lightweight that can influence the PC performance to some extent. Also, in spite of all its advantages, the free version may annoy you with pop-ups. Lastly, Avast doesn’t provide the means for the protection of the inserted data.

ScanGuard Antivirus

ScanGuard antivirus for Windows

ScanGuard is one more rather new name among all antivirus providers we mentioned. Some users can be misleading and get the wrong impression of this software. Still, Scanguard needs some time to prove oneself on the market, but it can surprise the customers too.

ScanGuard Advantages for Windows

We like:

  • High first-year discount
  • Friendly interface
  • VPN and 2-wall firewall features
  • One account for all devices

The friendly interface, competitive pricing policy, and effective customer support are the main advantages of this provider. Apart from all other functions, Scanguard provides VPN and two-wall firewall for better privacy. Also, it has a rather useful performance optimization tool named “Tune-Up.”

The parents will find ScanGuards parental control quite versatile and efficient. You also do not need many accounts. One account works for all your devices.

ScanGuard Disadvantages for Windows

We don’t like:

  • No third-party tests are available
  • High renewal prices
  • No free trial
  • Limited free version

It is a newbie company, so, there is no third-party tests results are available. Also, while the first-year prices are quite low, the renewal ones are high enough. Besides, ScanGuard doesn’t provide a free trial and has a somewhat limited free version.


The winner of our top antivirus for Windows is Bitdefender – the powerful antivirus with multi-level protection against encoders. It provides a high level of detection and advanced technologies of pro-active protection.

The adaptive technology of Bitdefender scanning allows increasing the speed and productivity of the antivirus solution. Also, its automatic mode protects your operating system from all types of malicious applications and Internet threats.

Adequate web protection is a guarantee of safe Internet-surfing. It protects from the harmful phishing websites, prevents the leak of valuable data and provides secure Internet banking and online purchase, offering the isolated web browser and the protected manager of passwords.

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