Best mobile antivirus: the key to security

Mobile Security

Hackers are always seeking new ways to compromise information and attack devices. Even if you don’t use your mobile phone for browsing, it’s still vulnerable and prone to malware: it may be incepted in your device via applications. Necessary security modules aren’t enough to keep viruses at bay, and you need an advanced option, e.g., the best mobile antivirus.

Using special mobile software, you’ll protect your smartphone against phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware. It’s the most efficient way of defense that doesn’t require much time and effort since such software is running 24/7 in the background.

How shall I find an excellent mobile antivirus?

The market offers hundreds of mobile security apps, but antivirus is irreplaceable because it scans everything starting from the system itself and finishing with applications and browsers. What should be considered when you?re in search of a reliable solution?

  1. Which features are provided? Scanning, blocking of malicious websites and app protection is essential. All the rest is a matter of your preferences.
  2. How much does it cost? You can find many great apps for free (most of them have ads).
  3. Will it impact performance, and how much RAM does it require? Since antivirus is working on a 24/7 basis, such an application shouldn’t slow down your phone too much.
  4. Is it user-friendly? Ideally, smartphone app navigation shouldn’t be too challenging in installation and control. Usually, it takes a couple of clicks for it to be up and running.

Bitdefender: excellent phone antivirus

If you want to ensure excellent protection, Bitdefender offers the best mobile security app with minimal performance influence. It runs around the clock without you even noticing it. All threats are eliminated upon detection automatically ? you don’t need to interfere with the process. However, there are no scheduled scans and no free/demo version. It costs only $15/year, which is more than agreeable.

Norton: All features in one app

Need extensive phone protection? Try Norton Antivirus freemium version. This mobile antivirus includes a myriad of useful features, such as text blocking, contact backup, scanning, anti-theft function, etc. There’s also a password manager and app lock, but they’re available for paid versions only.

Well, if you like the free demo, you’ll already understand why $25/year is a justified price for this service.

McAfee: Zero budget pick

This software not only blocks malicious websites ? but it also has anti-theft features, call blacklist and options for data leakage prevention. McAfee scans smartphones for all known types of threats and, surprisingly, also helps to track a lost device ? a thief’s face is photographed. Out of all free solutions, this is the best mobile antivirus. The paid option goes without advertisements and has phone support. Use the best mobile antivirus, and your data and apps will be protected against hackers and malware. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.

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