Three reasons to use the best antivirus for Mac

Best Mac Antivirus

At first glance, Mac OS seems to be threat-proof and very secure. However, even the most robust hardware is prone to attacks and vulnerabilities because hackers manage to find new ways to compromise data. Therefore, you need the best antivirus for Mac: it’s the only way to sustain proper protection of your data.

There are at least three reasons to use antivirus software:

  1. Working on the background, it eliminates the need to run scanning manually. You minimize efforts and keep your computer 100% safe.
  2. The best antivirus solutions can detect malware, trojans, rootkits, and many other different threats.
  3. Antivirus software blocks threats instantly after detection, which reduces the risk of negative malware impact.

How to select the antivirus for Mac?

If you want to install a reliable and useful antivirus Mac, mind the following:

  • The software should provide various protection features, including real-time scanning, browser extension, password manager, etc.
  • Mac antivirus can block non-Mac applications and software: this features should be switched off.
  • How much time does scanning take? 30-60 minutes is the average scanning time.
  • Read the reviews to find out what are the strong and weak sides of an application.

Intego: the best Mac antivirus

According to different tests, Intego is simply the most efficient antivirus app for Mac. It ensures real-time protection and detects the vast majority of viruses. The installation process is a no-brainer, and scanning takes only 30 minutes. Firewall is included, too. Intego antivirus costs $50/year per computer, which is far from cheap, but the best virus protection for Mac is guaranteed.

Norton: a wide choice of packages

One of the most popular antivirus programs, Norton Security Standard for Mac works smoothly and quickly. It does its job, but there’s no warning of malware detections, which may be inconvenient for newbies. Besides, you need to install two more plugins: Safe Web for blocking of malicious websites, and Identity Safe for password control. It can be the best antivirus for Mac thanks to fast scanning and accurate virus detection. You can choose from Standard, Deluxe, and Premium options.

Avira: Antivirus suit for the whole family

If you need to protect several Macs, you should opt for Avira antivirus. Although it requires more time for scanning than other programs, it is reliable and efficient. Use this antivirus for Mac to protect the entire family against malware: the program can scan for games and ?joke apps?. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t clutter your computer. You can use a free version, or order the 5-device Internet Security Suite (its cost starts from $49/month).

Even Mac computers need proper antivirus protection, and there are many reliable solutions around. Install the software once, and forget about cyber threats for good.

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