How to choose the best antivirus for Android

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We are used to the thought that only our computers can be infected with a virus. And installing an antivirus on the PC or laptop feels so natural and purposeful. But our smartphones and tablets are under the threat as well. Some of us know it, some just heard about it somewhere. And most Android users have no idea about it. Thus, most devices that use this operating system remain unprotected from malicious software. But protecting the device with some unknown and unreliable app is not efficient. You can’t be sure it will actually protect your gadget. Moreover, you can never know if this application doesn’t contain any malicious parts. It’s better to understand what’s the best antivirus for Android in your case and install the right software.

What should the best Android antivirus do

Looking for an antivirus for Android you will find a lot of various options. But how to choose the right one? Let’s take a quick look at some features the best antivirus for Android should most definitely have. First of all, it has to be able to protect your device from all most spread malicious software. It includes:

  • viruses;
  • worms;
  • trojans;
  • rootkits;
  • ransomware;
  • adware;
  • spyware.

These types of malware damage the system differently impacting its performance and corrupting the information that is stored in its memory. The best Android antivirus should be able to detect the malware and delete it before it does its dirty job. To detect malicious software the antivirus has to have an extensive database of malware that is constantly and frequently updated. Providers usually care a lot about this and remind their customers they have to update their app every time the database has a new entry.

If the application doesn’t ask you for an update for quite a long time, it’s a reason to question its efficiency. Of course, the antivirus has to block and isolate files that it thinks are infected. This is very important since the less sophisticated software would just delete them. If those files contain some important information, you will want to keep them. So the app should be able to heal them from the infection and repair affected applications and files if they are corrupted. On top of that, the best providers of antivirus software will offer their customers some extra features like firewall, ad-blocker, parental control, antispam, camera protection and game mode.

What about an Android virus scan?

The reason a lot of users decide not to install the protection is that the constant scanning might slow down the device. But is the insignificant decrease in the gadget speed the reason for you to keep your smartphone or tablet under the threat of getting infected? We don’t think so. Moreover, the best antivirus for Android 2018 would not impact the performance of the device. Such software needs as little resources as possible and is able to run the scan on the background not slowing down the work of the whole system.

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