Best Antivirus Software for Android in 2020

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Which Antivirus is Good for Android in 2020

Android is the most popular OS in the world. One of the main advantages of Android becomes one of its main problems. We are talking about OS openness that gives the opportunities not only for free customization but also opens the numerous ways for hackers to infect your device with viruses. So, Android frequently becomes a target for malicious software because of its popularity. For that reason, picking up the most secure antivirus software for Android is quite a challenge.

Android kept its positions in the OS market within the last decade and became somewhat self-sufficient in terms of safety. But still, this rather young platform consistently draws closer attention of cybercriminals. Several years ago, the researchers from Trend Micro found 36 fake antiviruses in Google Play. It installed malicious software on devices, caused false alarms and notifications, and showed advertising. These applications are also inclined to request an unfairly enormous number of access permissions to steal the users’ sensitive data.

Also, it is worth taking the speed and fragmentation of Android updating process into account. While devices on blank Android receive security updates right after the release, it is known that designers of some devices with the modified versions of a system detain the release of patches for several days or even weeks. So, in this period, your device becomes more vulnerable to various attacks.

Each of the products mentioned below has more opportunities than just antivirus scanning. For example, they will protect you from opening harmful web pages, downloading dangerous files or installation of virus applications. Let’s take a closer look at the antivirus software that will be able to protect your device completely.

TotalAV Antivirus

TotalAV antivirus for Android

TotalAV is a new player in the market of antivirus software. But despite it, TotalAV made enough impressive first steps to the top of our unbiased hit parade.

TotalAV Advantages for Android

We like:

  • Decent free version
  • Light-weight
  • Smartphone optimization tools
  • Low prices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

When we choose the antivirus software, we want to be sure it will protect our device from viruses, malicious apps, suspicious programs, and other threats. The main advantage of TotalAV for Android is that it guarantees an outstanding level of protection for free.

Its free version detects malware efficiently and removes it. One more important feature is duplicate remove which boosts device performance. The paid version offers more features such as a password manager and cleaner. Plus, there’re smartphone optimization tools.

Also, it is necessary to highlight the loyalty and support of this company: it offers an incredibly low price and 30-day money-back guarantee to make your experience risk-free.

TotalAV Disadvantages for Android

We don’t like:

  • A limited set of functions
  • No web-protection

At the same time, this antivirus software nubie has its drawbacks. First, it is a rather limited set of functions. It does not include an anti-theft feature or remote device blocking. Also, it deals only with those viruses it can detect in the device, but does not have some Internet security features.

Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus for Android

For the last few years, Norton Security endured many positive changes and became a decent representative of antivirus software in the market. One of them is a more robust free version. It is a rather “heavy weapon,” but, it seems, it works better, than earlier.

Norton Advantages for Android

We like:

  • Decent free version
  • A wide range of built-in features
  • Remote smartphone control
  • App-advisor
  • Affordable price

Remote device blocking, special signals for a stolen smartphone search, and confidentiality guarantees are those features that force us to appreciate Norton even more. The free antivirus from Norton finds up to 99% of all malicious applications for Android.

The paid version has even more opportunities: app-advisor, web-protection, timely device updates, and wi-fi security. It is pleasant to see that Norton considered constructive criticism. If you have never used any antivirus for Android, then Norton may be a good option for installation.

The application provides a possibility of 10 simultaneous connections. You can protect them all in the premium version. The built-in App Advisor tool guarantees that the installed applications do not contain viruses, and displays only the protected programs in the Google Play market. Along with the high level of safety, Norton provides confidentiality, blocking suspicious applications for free; password manager, and other useful functions.

Norton Advantages for Android

We don’t like:

  • A rather big size of the app
  • May slow down your device’s performance

Norton Security improved the app for Android, but it is still heavy enough. Subsequently, it can slow down the speed of the processes you device perform.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus for Android

McAfee is one well-known name of the antivirus software for the personal computer, and McAfee for Android will not disappoint the users too.

McAfee Advantages for Android

We like:

  • Exceptional antivirus scanner
  • Remote device control
  • Good protection with the free version
  • Data backup

Except for the antivirus scanner, McAfee provides the opportunity of lost device tracking and remote locking and deleting the necessary data. If your device is stolen, the application can even create a picture of a thief! McAfee is an excellent way to receive cool protection for free, though the paid version adds quite necessary options. It includes support of phone and backup.

This recognized antivirus also offers a set of options for protection, including malicious programs blocking, high confidentiality, real-time, protection cloud protection, and preventing thefts.
Other primary functions include scanning of applications to check whether there is a leak of confidential information, and their blocking in case of need. McAfee also blocks access to potentially harmful websites and allows to create the blacklist of objectionable subscribers.

McAfee Advantages for Android

We don’t like:

  • Rather a high price
  • Cannot be installed without the PC protection option
  • Useless functions

Along with all its advantages, McAfee has its drawbacks too. For instance, you cannot install the application apart from the whole antivirus package. So, if you don’t need to protect your PC or use some other antivirus software, McAfee Android application will be useless. Consequently, the price of such an offer is high enough.

Moreover, McAfee added the unsuccessful “power amplifier.” Ignore it because it is useless, and can slow down your device performance.

Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus for Android

The antivirus giant Avast considered its extensive experience and created the application which is beyond the ordinary antivirus scanner.

Avast Advantages for Android

We like:

  • Effective free version
  • A variable set of functions
  • High level of security
  • Additional protection by PIN code

The free version includes calls blocking option, a firewall and the anti-theft function that allows to block the device via the app or to erase data on Android device completely if you lost it.
One more useful function of this antivirus is applications blocking. If you use it, your device will request PIN code before the opening of certain apps. It prevents the automatic launch of Internet banks apps that are used by malefactors often.

The variable set of functions include usual scanning of applications, regular updates of antivirus bases, protection against thefts, and a possibility of device remote blocking. If you launch the professional mode, then you will have even more opportunities, including remote data recovery, geofencing, advertising detection, and applications blocking.

Avast Disadvantages for Android

We don’t like:

  • Too big app’s weight
  • Annoying ads in the free version

The application requires the subscription before, but now it is free and is supported with advertising. So, you will be annoyed by the ads popping up in the app regularly. It is possible to buy a monthly or annual subscription to remove advertisements.

Moreover, Avast is one of the “heaviest” options for Android, which we found even despite its reliability and functionality. This “weight” is not the best option for those who need something more light-weight.


Bitdefender antivirus for Android

Bitdefender is one more big name in the world of information security.

Bitdefender Advantages for Android

We like:

  • Decent free version
  • Very light-weight
  • No background operating
  • Long trial option

Bitdefender is free and very light-weight antivirus software for Android. More importantly, it never works in the background that releases system resources and saves the battery. Bitdefender scans all new applications which you download on your device automatically. One more advantage of this application is that it is ready to work right after the installation — additional control is not required.

The application is free with advertising, but if you need additional safety, can try the free 14-day trial version of other product — Bitdefender Mobile Security. It includes both an antivirus, and the network screen for Chrome working in real-time. Also, it has an anti-theft function.

Bitdefender Disadvantages for Android

We don’t like:

  • Annoying ads and pop-ups
  • No automatic scans

First, it is annoying advertising in the free version, which is not comfortable. Moreover, Bitdefender does not scan your device automatically. You should create the scanning schedule or start it manually every time.


You might be surprised with our verdict, but TotalAV is a winner for us in this battle. Why? We can explain. Android OS is continuously enhanced, so it develops its built-in protection, which fulfills the requirements.

The antivirus we need for Android has to be light-weight in order not to overload the processor and save the battery. It also has to have a reasonable price following the set of features it provides.

It also has to deal with the possible threats effectively without slowing down device performance or at least to provide optimization tools. TotalAV fulfill all these requirements due to its light-weight, affordable price, and essential functions which deal with malware effectively. TotalAV is a simplistic and smart solution. Because, as we all know, genius is simplicity.

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